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Compliance is a key part of the capital process. Miss one filing and you’re in the news. We’ll help keep you out of trouble.


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Our founder, Mauricio J. Rauld, Esq. is a nationally recognized expert in real estate syndications and private placements.

Avoid Being in the News For the Wrong Reason
Imagine waking up to an email from a friend or worse a relative asking you, “What happened? I read the ‘Cease & Desist’ notice on Google. That’s sounds pretty bad.” A simple filing error could put on the front page of Google warning investors not to invest in your company. This really happens and unfortunately, it’s hard to recover some from this type of publicity.

Even though it’s a simple error, you cannot afford to not raise capital the right way. If for some reason, you choose another law firm, be sure to keep your compliance requirements in order. Unfortunately, the state laws are constantly evolving to keep up with the new SEC regulations. Engage a law firm like Premier to avoid being on Google for the wrong reason.
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